Wrist Watches for Kids by age

It goes without saying that kids these days have it good when it comes to wrist watches. The options are aplenty!. If you are thinking about buying your kid a smartwatch, be it for their birthday or as a special treat, we’ve compiled a list of the best kids smartwatches in 2020 for you to consider.


When I was younger, my parents bought me my first watch. It was an analogue Timex piece with a fabric strap. Its only superpower was its ability to tick away for four whole years before the battery needed replacing. I loved that watch. I was amazed that I could tell the time just by looking at my wrist. I was in love with something that was, to me, high-tech.

Today’s kids have it a whole lot better though. Merely telling the time is the least that smartwatches can do. Kids can play games on their watch now, or sync their watch with their smartphone so they never miss that text from mum or dad telling them to come home because their tea is nearly ready. You can even set alarms and create to-do lists.

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Features to Look out for When Buying Smart Watches for Your Kids

Modern technology has given us a wide range of fun and useful gizmos to enhance our lives. For parents, there are also some interesting devices that can make parenting easier and make the life of your child more enjoyable. One of these devices is the modern smart watch. So what features should you look out for when shopping for smartwatches for kids?


– The Advantages of Giving Your Kid a Smart Watch

A smart watch for kids can have many advantages both for you as the child’s parent and also for your kids. Modern tech allows for GPS to be embedded in these devices, so you can easily find your kids if they wander off. If the watch has wifi or similar communications capability then you can also send them messages and information. You can set the alarm on the watch to give them reminders to come in for lunch, dinner, or bathtime. And you can program the watch with a list of tasks and chores that they need to get done so that they don’t forget.

Smartwatches for kids can have fun games installed for your children to play. These games can be targeted at different age groups and different interests. You can also install calculator apps and similar useful tools that will help your kids to learn and improve their lives in the process.


– Best Features to Have in a Smart Watch for Kids

There are many features that are handy to have in a kid’s smart watch. Here are a few of these features broken up by age group.



– For Kids up to Three Years Old

A smart watch is going to be of limited use to a baby and may also be a choking hazard. For toddlers around three years old, a smart watch may be a useful and fun thing for them to have though. You can find simple and cheap smart watches for this age group that have fun designs and bright colors. There are also watches themed on popular kids media characters.


These watches can come with some simple games that your three-year-old will enjoy. These often involve audio-visual pattern matching and counting and are great for developing their brains and curiosity. They can also have a voice clock that tells them the time, and a music player that plays simple songs that they can sing along to.

One interesting feature that some smart watches come with is a GEO fence used to limit the area where a kid can go. These are based on GPS tech and basically send a warning if your kid strays outside a designated zone. Pretty handy if you are at the park or a campground and want to stop your kid from wandering off and getting lost.



– For Four to Eight Year Old Kids

Watches in this age range and above generally come with digital cameras and video recorders. They may have voice recorders that let your kids give themselves reminders, and voice changers that will give them a laugh. The watch will have a lot of downloadable games available, including some with two-player games for watches that can network together. You may also find the camera used for augmented reality games, such as monster-catching games. The camera may also allow them to set a picture as a screen background.

Motion sensors and pedometers allow for active play challenges to be set to keep your kids active. Most of these smart watches should also come with parental control features to limit your child’s playtime and give them needed reminders. Some also come with emergency apps that allow medical information to be stored and retrieved as needed. This might be used to notify carers of issues such as food allergies.



– For Nine Years Old and Above

Older children may find a smart watch useful for school, schedules, and other things. Stopwatches, calculators, voice recorders, calendars, and both text and voice messaging are all features they may find useful. For maintaining their fitness watches with pedometers, heart-rate monitors, and GPS route tracking will all come in handy.

At this age they may be moving on to smartphones instead, so smart watches are probably mainly useful up to their early teenage years.



Smart Watches for Girls and Boys

While girls and boys have many overlapping interests, there are also a few differences in the types of features they may want in a smart watch. Watches for girls may favor dress-up and nurturing games. Girls may like games featuring ponies and horse-riding. Watches for boys, on the other hand, may involve more aggressive games, or games that feature farming and hunting style tasks. Individual kids will have their own individual preferences that may cross traditional gender boundaries though, so it’s best to look for smart watch features that appeal to your child rather than to a specific gender.


When buying a smart watch for kids the main things to look out for are whether the watch’s features work for your child’s age group and whether they suit their needs and personality. If you are not sure of these then you can always get a more versatile watch with downloadable apps that let you configure the watch to have whatever features you need. Smart watches are flexible tools that can enhance the lives of both you and your child, so shop around and see what choices you can find that will suit your kid.